Twin Cities Chapter

Join us on the most important and rewarding venture on
which you could possibly embark since the day you were

Our chapter has two primary purposes:

To educate others about the need, necessity and reality of spinal
cord injury cure research.

To raise the money to fund our SCS research team.

Our primary function--the main reason this chapter exists-- is to keep SCS’s important, groundbreaking research moving forward. Without us, and other chapters nationwide, SCS wouldn't exist, and cure research wouldn't be where it is today.
By joining our chapter you can become a part of the solution. Instead of sitting around hoping or talking about cure, you can be an integral part of making one happen! This is a place where YOU can do the most good….for yourself and others like you.

What makes SCS so different?

It’s the only organization with a “local chapter” network. Our members raise money locally; they can get reports directly from the research team; and they can have input into how the money is used.

Our chapters are all-volunteer. Given the small SCS headquarters staff, this means that virtually ALL of your money that is designated for research goes directly to research.
SCS is the only cure research organization that has had it’s own private, independent research center. That means that our researchers work for US, and they can concentrate solely on spinal cord injury research without the distractions and competing agendas of multi-purpose research facilities.

SCS only funds research directly related to a chronic cure, and we’re not trying to make a career out of it. There is nothing we’ll enjoy more than the day when we put ourselves out of business.

It All Depends On You

When you join our chapter you will start receiving our quarterly Chapter Newsletter which will keep you informed on all our chapter fundraisers. You’ll also be joining a group of like-minded people with whom you can share the experience.

There is no fee to belong to our chapter. The only requirement is your participation in one or more of our annual fundraisers. Or, you can come up with some fundraising project of your own. Above all, be someone who wants to really make a difference and come help us raise the money that will get you out of that wheelchair.

The future is now!

For a long time SCS was a lone voice in the wilderness. Now, this lonesome movement is becoming a tidal wave of hope and expectation. It’s time for you to get on board and help us ride this ship into port!

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The Spinal Cord Society research center has initiated a collaboration with Dr. Ann Parr …
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Get Involved

Our chapter is not only comprised of spinal
cord injured, it includes their families, friends
and others that are inspired to make a
difference and are 100% volunteers.
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Spinal Cord Society (SCS) is a non-profit 501-c-3 organization in good standing with the Minnesota Secretary of State. Contributions are tax deductible and can be made separately to the SCS Research Fund or SCS Newsletter Fund. 100% of all donations to the research fund go to research for cure. The Newsletter Fund supports monthly publication of the SCS Newsletter. President is Richard A. Stonestrom, Secretary Jean Rustand, Treasurer Norman Gronwold.
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