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All of our efforts to find a fund raiser that every one of our members can easily participate in have evolved into the Appeal Letter drive. There is no simpler, more efficient or easier way to raise money, especially if you have a spinal cord injury, than to simply ask for it.

If you’ve ever sat around wondering what just one person like you can do to help bring about cure, this is it! I’m sure you all have friends, family, neighbors etc, who have offered to help you out over the years but they just don’t know what they can do for you. Now, here’s their chance.
People will respond. Believe me, we know. Since we’ve been doing this, the success stories of those who try it far, far outweigh the disappointments. Your commitment to it will be the single most overriding factor in the degree of your success.

It’s just like finding a cure for spinal cord injury. If you try, you’ll probably be surprised by what you can accomplish. One thing is for sure- if you don’t try, you’ll accomplish nothing.
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Don’t you say no FOR them
by not asking.

Below you will find two examples of an Appeal Letter, one aimed at first time donors and one for people you’ve contacted before. Use them as is, or better yet, customize them to your own situation. Then just send them to everyone you can think of.

Start with family, friends, neighbors and relatives. Then start thinking. Do you have an insurance agent, lawyer, banker or broker? How about other business people you deal with? Or offices where you can post an Appeal Letter and sign up sheet?

"Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he
could do only a little."

Edmund Burke



Step 1
Make a list of all your potential donors. Start with family, friends, relatives and neighbors. Then expand to people you do business with and anyone else you can think of. Maybe there are places you can post a letter and sign up sheet.

Now make a file of this list so you can keep track of the donations from year to year.

Step 2
Download our Appeal Letters (see above) or use them to create one of your own. Put your return address on them and then make as many copies as you need.

Step 3
Send them out to everyone.

Step 4
As the donations come in, keep track of them on your chart. Then send them in to the Twin Cities chapter. You can send them in batches or keep them until after the cut-off date and send everything together.

That's all there is to it! You don't even have to leave the house. What could be easier than that? And IT REALLY WORKS!



Did you miss the October deadline?

That's OK. You can do the Appeal any time!

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